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5 Things You Should Never Do Right After Scuba Diving

Renting a scuba dive pc isn’t advisable when you plan to do a number of dives on different days. You’ll need to make use of the identical computer throughout each dive for maximum accuracy—the computer will be using the knowledge from your whole dives to be able to give you the proper “time to fly” calculation.
In the lead as much as your snorkeling or scuba diving journey, examine the weather circumstances and ask your tour operator if there are back-up plans in place for poor situations. While the Red Sea generally stays calm, climate situations will determine your safety. If there are high winds or recent heavy rain, the water could possibly be choppy or visibility might be low, which creates unsuitable situations for divers. Originally from England, I first learned to dive so that I might go cage diving with nice whites off Guadalupe Island, Mexico, in 2008.
hurghada diving season These dives could be protected and enjoyable, just try to arrange them in direction of the beginning of your dive trip. Deeper dives or longer dives should be scheduled for whenever you first arrive. Leave your shallower and simpler dives for the last day or two of your journey. The main concern with scuba diving and flying is decompression sickness. It was one of the first stuff you realized in your Open Water course.

Essentially, you need to at all times issue a margin that leaves enough air for a slow ascent and a safety cease. Think not only of your personal requirements but also of your buddy’s. Will you've sufficient air in your tank to donate all the best way to the floor ought to an emergency scenario arise?
By scuba diving and flying soon after, enhance your danger ofDecompression Sickness or “the bends” due to decreased ambient pressure on the plane. Between the 2 actions (freediving & spearfishing) I agree with Eric F. that spearfishing is usually a much more dangerous sport than just plain freediving. Especially throughout spearfishing tournaments the place it's both so much of an obstacle to be secure that it isn't even value competing or it's just outright forbidden by match rules.

    Dangers Of Freediving

    Usually in SCUBA, most accidents can be mounted by a trip to the chamber (bends, embolism, ect.) but for freediving an accident normally culminates in demise. Fire coral, millepora spp is a hydrozoan which has stinging nematocysts on its surface. The chief hazard of fireside coral is to snorkellers or divers brushing towards it.
    On the other hand you have freediving, which is normally practiced in a much more managed environment with a strong emphasis placed on security. So, I guess the underside line is that it is us damn spearfishers who are giving freediving a nasty name by dying all the time and never the safety aware performance freedivers. That's why I made my remark earlier about freediving being much less forgiving than SCUBA diving.

    From that first shark encounter onwards, I even have been completely hooked on the underwater world, and particularly on the issue of shark conservation. Whilst learning for my diploma in London, I worked at London Aquarium, earlier than going to Mozambique to analysis whale sharks off Tofo. I accomplished my PADI Instructor’s course while residing in South Africa, and spent nine months educating and guiding on Aliwal Shoal, the place I set up a tiger shark ID project and began writing for the conservation organisation Shark Angels. After a seven month trip teaching around South East Asia, I'm heading again to Africa to discover the unimaginable dive websites of Tanzania.

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